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  Stealth Bomber 2 A Free Online Game
Epic aricraft war A Free Online Game
Epic aricraft war
zombie attack A Free Online Game
zombie attack
Nescience A Free Online Game
chaos of crazyness A Free Online Game
chaos of crazyness
invasion A Free Online Game
Egg Hunter A Free Online Game
Egg Hunter

Online fire Games
Bacterial Control Game

Plays: 4471
Category: Shooting Games
Press on the laser gun to fire. Some bacteria have developed immunity, and they cannot be killed with one hit. If the bacteria in the right side flask reach 12 the game ends. This is not a skill game. The game play is random.
Ghost Tank Game

Plays: 4427
Category: Shooting Games
Try to survive the onslaught of attacks of your enemies by attacking them. Use your ghost capabilities if you get desperate, or your 360 special attack.
Rome Catapult Game

Plays: 4420
Category: Action Games
Press the button and throw the rock.
Rapid Fire-2 Game

Plays: 4403
Category: Shooting Games
I have made changes in the game rapid fire, taking into account the suggestions made by the reviewers of that game. Press UP and DOWN arrow keys to move your player. Press SPACE bar to shoot from your player's laser gun. Your player is having five lives. If you kill all the enemies in a level you go to next level.
Quickshot Elite Game

Plays: 4397
Category: Action Games
A target shooting game that tests your reflexes and accuracy. Shoot all the red and white targets and don't let any escape or you'll lose a life. Shoot the yellow targets for extra points and shoot the green targets to get an extra life. Never shoot the black skull and cross bone targets or you'll lose a life.
Fear Less! Game

Plays: 4390
Category: Action Games
A girl’s recurring nightmares of being chased by death. Clear your mind and fight back against the darkness! A collaboration between innomin and atpalicis ( ) Music: "[o<>o]" ( by Tony McCoy (
Guitar Drum Revolution Game

Plays: 4388
Category: Other Games
Music Game with arrow keys. Dancing Simulation. You must hit the arrow key close to the target. The hits before the fire line stop the game. You are penalized for inactivity or inaccurate hits. The game is stopped after a number of KO points (see the help).
ClickPLAY Quickfire 2 Game

Plays: 4375
Category: Adventure Games
The next instalment in the Quick-fire series.
Stealth Bomber Game

Plays: 4350
Category: Adventure Games
You have launched your Stealth bomber and are on a mission to stop a group of tanks from overrunning an allied position. Make sure your bombs are on target as you drop them on the enemy tanks. Avoid the enemy missiles as they return fire at all costs!
Romeo on the Run Game

Plays: 4344
Category: Adventure Games
When your employees get out of line you should fire them…or fire CDs at them.
Da Num Nums Game

Plays: 4343
Category: Shooting Games
Metal Mick needs his food! Accurately flick and feed the robot to fuel the rocket for launch! The more accurately you perform, the higher your points!
Starship Operation Dark Matter Game

Plays: 4339
Category: Shooting Games
Protect our solar system. We need the computer data of starship one. Fight again alien spaceships. Cross reliably the mine field. Give Starship One "Dark Matter" Escort protection and flies reliably to Star cruiser Razorblade back.
The Legend of Phoenix Game

Plays: 4335
Category: Action Games
An easy to play score/coin collector game, The game environment has the myth of Phoenix Goal: You will have to eat certain number of target food in order to survive level. If your bird collide with other enemy bird you lose your life. Control: Move mouse to control your hero bird. Click to fire, it will kill enemy. Upgrade: You need to upgrade your bird's speed , range , life in order to survive harder level, the more you upgrade the more powerful your hero will be.
The Last Evasion Game

Plays: 4328
Category: Driving Games
When introductions go awry on an alien planet, it's time to fire up the rocket. As you attempt to escape you must evade incoming asteroids, space storms, satellites and of course the aliens trying to kill you.
Last Shot Game

Plays: 4317
Category: Shooting Games
You are to infiltrate a special weapons lab all is depending on you. Who will fire the last shot?
Keep The Break Game

Plays: 4312
Category: Strategy Games
Destroy all bricks and rescue city.
Aircraft Game

Plays: 4312
Category: Shooting Games
Complete your Target destroy your enemy,shoot them out,update your weapon's and make HighScore
FireMan Game

Plays: 4312
Category: Action Games
Build a hose as long as possible from the fire hydrant to the hose nozzle near the house. When your time runs out, water will start flowing through the hose to put out the fire in the house. If you complete your hose before time runs out, you can click on the hydrant to start the water flow. The longer your hose, the higher your score will be.
Alien Attack Game

Plays: 4291
Category: Action Games
Defend your Mars base and eliminate all alien ships - avoid friendly fire at all cost!
Iron Angel Icarus Game

Plays: 4281
Category: Action Games
Eearth invasion is start. But you, with your ship "Icaro", will protect it! Fight the enemies!

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