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Online christmas Games
Pyrotoons Game

Plays: 2834
Category: Shooting Games
Blast the fireworks and keep the crowd happy!
Christmas Match Game

Plays: 2833
Category: BoardGame Games
A Christmas matching game for the holidays.
Pappa Bounce Game

Plays: 2833
Category: Adventure Games
Pappa Bounce is a simple flash game. Help the Pappa to jumps correctly into the Bat.
Bubble Shooter Xmas Fun Game

Plays: 2829
Category: Action Games
Bubble Shooter Xmas Fun is a puzzle game, where one need to make all Xmas gifts fall down. There are many challenging levels with quite attractive graphical designs. I hope everyone will like it.
One Snowy Night Game

Plays: 2827
Category: Action Games
Delivering presents is not an easy job. Every year Santa relies on only the most skillful of trusted elves to help deliver presents to the chimneys of good boys and girls around the world. You and your team will prove your present delivering elvish mettle by taking on this all important task. Are you up to the challenge? Deliver the colored present boxes to the tagged chimneys of the same color. If you are successful, Santa will occasionally replenish your supply of presents.
Lost toys of santa Game

Plays: 2825
Category: Action Games
Help Santa to collect all of his accidentally scattered toys. A simple christmas coated avoider with cute graphics and lovely music.
Merry Christmas Tree Game

Plays: 2823
Category: Dress-Up Games
Christmas Day is coming. Decoration becomes very importnt. Guys, join us to decorate this Christmas tree. Choose your favorite toys and candies to hang on the tree. Remember to make a shining Christmas tree. Enjoy this game and Merry Christmas!
Christmas Lucky Socks1.2 Game

Plays: 2823
Category: Puzzles Games
1.First, the screen will appear 3 socks. Once you move a sock, the other three socks will be added at random.There are total five different socks. Five same balls at least in a line will disappear and get scores and gifts attaching in the socks. And when the socks disappeared, it would not add new ones. 2.The path that Moving a sock will be prevented when the others block it and have no paths. 3.The key to pass the mission is collect the gifts in the socks. Only collect all the gifts the mission needed, you will win, Tips: if you want to get a high-star rank, you should finish the game as soon as possible. In addition,you can buy props in the shop to help you. The hidden rounds already open, try your best.
Snowballed Game

Plays: 2813
Category: Puzzles Games
You have just 60 seconds to help santa's elf collect presents, in this seasonal themed game. Build combos if you can, to help increase your score as you try to avoid being snowballed.
Christmas Challenge Game

Plays: 2806
Category: Strategy Games
Have fun matching pairs of gifts on the Christmas tree in this festive memory challenge. Controls: mouse.
Ho Ho Ho Game

Plays: 2800
Category: Adventure Games
A Chistmas game with Santa Claus and his reindeer jumping over the villages and spreading the gifts to the childrens.
Build Your Snowman Game

Plays: 2799
Category: Customize Games
Build Your Snowman is another Christmas game by Csharks. Your chance to make your own snowman.
Funny Christmas Puzzle Game

Plays: 2799
Category: BoardGame Games
Funny Christmas puzzle game with Santa Claus. Merry Christmas!
Rudolph's Red Race Game

Plays: 2798
Category: Shooting Games
Rudolph with his nose so bright and loaded with lasers must guide Santa on an action-packed Christmas delivery run whilst collecting red objects to keep his speed and energy up. There are lots of obstacles attempting to thwart you including mischievous kids and vicious flying creatures. Whilst you lead Santa, will you go down the path of naughty or nice? Deliver presents or deliver bombs, your choice!
DinoSawUs Christmas Card Creator Game

Plays: 2792
Category: Adventure Games
Create your own Dancing Dino Christmas Card brought to you by the team at DinoSawUs. Be original, save the planet and ‘Do the Dinosaur!’ Spread some festive cheer to friends and family with this planet-saving e-Christmas card.
Big Snow Ball Game

Plays: 2791
Category: Action Games
Try to create biggest snow ball in the world. Avoid snowballs thrown by other children.
It's A Bright Bright Christmas Game

Plays: 2790
Category: Puzzles Games
A Christmas Puzzle Game
Santa Messy Room Game

Plays: 2789
Category: Puzzles Games
Santa Messy Room is another point and click hidden object game from Games2rule. Santa room is so messy. It’s our time clean up Santa room. Leave Christmas related objects and remove other objects to make Santa room clean. You can find up to 5 hidden objects using hint options. Find the hidden objects in short duration to get high score. Good luck and have fun!
Santa Present Catch Game

Plays: 2787
Category: Action Games
Santas Elves are dropping Christmas items, help Santa Catch and collect them all
BobiBobi Christmas Dress Up Game

Plays: 2782
Category: Puzzles Games
BobiBobi has prepared an awesome Christmas game for you! Your task is to decorate the Christmas Tree so it is ready for holidays. BobiBobi is going to give you all the decorations, one by one, and you will hang it on this beautiful tree. You've got 21 elements to use including stars, cookies, crystal balls and candies. Have a nice time dressing the Christmas Tree! Merry Christmas!

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