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Online christmas Games
Santa's Delivery Service Game

Plays: 4302
Category: Action Games
Join to Santa's Delivery Service. Deliver 25 presents with your sleigh while keep yourself alive in the holiday season air chaos. Drop the presents from as far as you can to earn more points.
Snow Angels Game

Plays: 4297
Category: Other Games
Help Alice make a beautiful snow angel without freezing your butt off in the snow!
Barbie Christmas Dressup Game

Plays: 4293
Category: Customize Games
Barbie Girl Christmas Dress up Game.
Slay With Santa Game

Plays: 4292
Category: Action Games
Zombies, creepies and other assorted bad guys have invaded Santa's lair this christmas! Help the red guy suit up and blast those suckers away to the tune of some Xmas dubstep!
Snow Man Game

Plays: 4291
Category: Action Games
Snow Man is a simple flash game, The objective of the game is Whack The Snow Man as far as you can
Hidden Numbers Christmas Game

Plays: 4268
Category: Puzzles Games
Find the numbers hidden and have a Christmas blast.. Get through the levels and excel.. Wrong clicks will result in negative scores..
James the Christmas Zebra Game

Plays: 4259
Category: Action Games
An early Christmas present to you all, introducing James the zebra! Swing from cloud to cloud eating cookies and avoiding explosive puddings in this addictive game. Two bonus modes are unlocked after you play the main game, and stay unlocked forever more!
The Snow Runs Red Game

Plays: 4256
Category: Action Games
It is the year 2020 and the spoiled children of the world have gotten greedier with each passing year. Santa couldn't take it anymore, so he killed himself and now all the children are raiding the North pole to find out why there aren't any Christmas presents this year. Santa may be gone, but Mrs. Claus is still alive and she's EXTREMELY PISSED OFF at how all the kids couldn't give a damn about her late husband. Now, the time has finally come to make the children pay the ultimate price for being on the naughty list!
Beware of the Dog, Santa! Game

Plays: 4234
Category: Action Games
This is my Christmas present I developed in 2011 for everybody! You must guide Santa to the Christmas tree without disturbing the dog.
Santa's Cap Game

Plays: 4233
Category: Strategy Games
Hi,Merry Christmas Click,the caps in the same color that connected by crossline can be cleared. Simple game,but interesting and challenging!
Tis the season Game

Plays: 4232
Category: Other Games
All across the globe, Santa's helpers are gearing up for the big night. Color this scene as you imagine!
Snowball Game

Plays: 4230
Category: Action Games
Snowball is a winter-themed pinball adventure from Pixeljam, creators of Dino Run and Gamma Bros. Guide your ball through a huge kid-created winter wonderland in search of jewels, secrets and good old-fashioned fun.
Christmas Creator Game

Plays: 4226
Category: BoardGame Games
Decorate a fun and festive Christmas living room with the Christmas tree, gifts, Christmas decorations and lots of kids having fun and enjoying the Holidays!
Christmas Treats Game

Plays: 4223
Category: Customize Games
Let your your creativity run wild with the varied selection of Christmas treats. You can make towers, castles, write up a word and more! Combine different kinds of edibles and mix and match the colors to fill up the table with yummy and scary christmas sweets!
Make a Snowman Game

Plays: 4213
Category: Dress-Up Games
A short and funny holiday dress-up game in which you need to make your snowmen and customize him with clothing facial expressions etc.
Christmas Treasure Hunt Game

Plays: 4212
Category: Strategy Games
Christmas is coming! Everyone is expecting presents. In this game, you need to try harder to get more presents you like. When you got the presents from your effort, I believe you will be very happy. Have fun in playing this game!
Merry Christmas Snowfight Game

Plays: 4211
Category: Fighting Games
Two Santa Claus have a snowfight
Fighting Snowball Fighting Game

Plays: 4207
Category: Shooting Games
Grab your shotgun and get involved in your son's snowball fight!
Christmas Cookies Game

Plays: 4190
Category: Puzzles Games
A Holiday puzzle game where you match warm yummy cookies out of the oven!
Hannah Montana Dress Up Online Game

Plays: 4174
Category: Customize Games
Enjoy this Miley Cyrus game. Dress her up for Christmas, Beach, Dance, Party or a Date. Change her sweaters, blouses, tops, dresses, shoes, necklaces, skirts, hats and many other accessories. Also, you can change Miley Cyrus hair color and style.

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Tips: For games that do not involve explosions when you destroy an opponent you can change the explosion graphic to a modified version of the opponent graphic. For example if you are shooting rabbits the explosion graphic can be a dead rabbit.