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Online christmas Games
Christmas Love Kissing Game

Plays: 457
Category: Other Games
This Christmas you are in snow hill for a holiday with your girlfriend ! In this romantic place you both kissing each other but can you imagine what will happen there is some children stare at you. Make kiss passionately without getting caught by the children otherwise you will lose a life. Just make kiss watchfully to fill the kissing loader within specified time duration in each level.
Fashion for christmas from Game

Plays: 456
Category: Customize Games
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Hidden Numbers Santa Claus Game

Plays: 456
Category: Puzzles Games
In this festive season Hiddenogames has brought us so many Christmas special games for you and this time again a new game for you called Hidden Numbers Santa Claus. In this game you have to find hidden numbers in the Santa Claus pictures. Also try not to make many mistakes, because if you make more than 9 you will lose your 100 points. Find them and earn scores. Happy Christmas and Have fun!
Light Up the Christmas Tree Puzzle Game

Plays: 456
Category: Puzzles Games
Light up the Christmas tree by connecting all the wires and light bulbs to the electrical source. You can rotate the wires and the bulbs by clicking them.
My Fashion Christmas Game

Plays: 455
Category: Dress-Up Games
My Fashion Christmas
Christmas Girls dress up Game

Plays: 447
Category: Dress-Up Games
Christmas is soon going to arrive, and Lilou, Lea and Lee are looking forward to it so much.
Christmas Eve Spa Game

Plays: 446
Category: Dress-Up Games
There are still a few days left until the most wonderful and awaited holiday of the year but our beautiful teen girl here had a huge surprise this morning when she received an early Christmas gift from her Secret Santa. What about taking care of her special needs, ladies, and make sure she enjoys a great spa treatment that is sure to put her in the mood for the upcoming winter holidays?
Grim's Christmas List Game

Plays: 445
Category: Strategy Games
Enjoy this super fun platformer gamer!
Christmas Snowcutie Game

Plays: 444
Category: Puzzles Games
It's Merry Christmas 2014. Let's play this lovely snowcutie puzzle game!
Color Christmas Tree Game

Plays: 443
Category: Dress-Up Games
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Wow Penguin Escape Game

Plays: 439
Category: Puzzles Games
Wow Penguin Escape is a type of point and click new escape game developed by . A innocent penguin is trapped in a cage and no one there to help her. She is crying and asking for someone to help. Will you help her? Go inside the home and use your sharp mind to solve the puzzles and escape the penguin from that cage. Can you do it? Good Luck and Have Fun!
Christmas Lights-On Game

Plays: 439
Category: Puzzles Games
Can you get all the Christmas lights switched on? Those new Christmas lights seemed like a bargain, but when you tried them out... oh, no! The wires are a tangle, and half of the bulbs are off. Worse, when you switch one bulb on, the ones connected to it go off! Use your puzzling skills to switch lights until all of them are on. Five difficulty settings are included, with infinitely many puzzles at each setting.
Snowman Dress Up Game

Plays: 439
Category: Dress-Up Games
Dress up your snowman.
Snow Man Merry Christmas Game

Plays: 438
Category: Dress-Up Games
Hey Kids. Here is the Snow Man. If you don't know how to decorate your backyard Snow Man you can first try and get some ideas. Choose the best combination and background and this snowman is ready for Merry Christmas and Happy New Year eve. Enjoy!
Painter father christmas coloring Game

Plays: 438
Category: Customize Games
Painter father christmas coloring Game.
Santa Comming Game

Plays: 438
Category: Action Games
Chrismas is coming to town, and Santa gotta be all prepared. Everything is up, and the Santa go for a nap. As he awake, he find that he is falling to a bottomless valley. Please help him to safety, or nobody have any present this year. Collect coin for upgrades and items, avoid the spiky panels and the bombs. There're yetis around so be caution.
Fun Christmas Game

Plays: 437
Category: Puzzles Games
Show off your eye power skill with this matching game. Find and match the exact pair of Christmas objects which is hidden behind the boxes. A correct match adds 100 points. Click the boxes to open and close. Have a fun!
Collect The Gift Game

Plays: 436
Category: Puzzles Games
This is the perfect christmas game. Put your feet up, lean back and relax while you try to deliver all the presents to the children in this brain teasing puzzle game.
Christmas tree and betty coloring Game

Plays: 433
Category: Customize Games
Christmas tree and betty coloring Game.
Ena Santa Escape Game

Plays: 432
Category: Puzzles Games
his is the 83th game from Collect all the christmas gift's, with the help of those gift's get into the room, then find a exit door key and give a Thanks giving gift to santa for this christmas. Play ena games and have fun!!!

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Tips: Setting the opponent movement speed to zero can give you a platform for you to do your own animation instead the opponent graphic. You could make an opponent popup and then hide again using animation instead of the built in movement.