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Online christmas Games
Santa's Helpers Game

Plays: 688
Category: Action Games
Help Santa Claus collect the presents. Try to catch some gifts with the surprises, but be careful not to catch the blue clock.
Decorate christmas tree Game

Plays: 687
Category: Dress-Up Games
Avez-vous déjà essayé des robes? Vous serait vraiment douce, confortable et élégant dans cette robe pour cette saison.Essayez ces robes de cette collection vous croire en mes paroles.
Luna Christmass Tree Game

Plays: 686
Category: Customize Games
Christmas is near. Luna goes to buy some christmas trees and decorative items. Now she is going to decorate her christmas tree and she needs your help to arrange the decorative items to make it look great!
Surprising Christmas Gift Game

Plays: 685
Category: Dress-Up Games
Have you ever tried Dresses? You would be really gentle, comfortable and stylish in this Dresses for this season.Try out these dresses in this collection then you believe in my words.
Santa Baby Game

Plays: 684
Category: Dress-Up Games
This cutie's looking forward to meeting Santa on Christmas Eve! Would you help him impress good old Santa Clause with his sweet Christmassy baby fashion look? Scan through all his tiny Christmas special outfits, through all his super cute accessories, too, and see what special festive look, with the fun factor added to, you could pull off for him!
Merry Christmas Game

Plays: 684
Category: Dress-Up Games
Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy your winter holidays and the magical atmosphere. This game will help you generate some great Christmas outfit ideas. Choose from a variety of clothes and cute accessories. Have fun!
Snowman Dress Up Game

Plays: 684
Category: Dress-Up Games
Dress up your snowman.
christmas cake decor Game

Plays: 683
Category: Other Games
christmas cake decor
Christmas Doll Game

Plays: 681
Category: Dress-Up Games
Have you already picked an outfit for this Christmas? Our game presents you a wide range of Christmas clothes and accessories. Try them on our doll and get inspired!
Christmas Fun Coloring Game

Plays: 678
Category: Other Games
Spread the Christmas joy by spreading love through your colors. Give life to the drawings by painting them and share your Christmas spirit
Xmas Car Drift Game

Plays: 678
Category: Action Games
Car drift, christmas edition, drift with Ferrari, Porsche, Bugatti. Drift with your Ferrari, Porsche, Bugatti, Ford GT with mouse. Bigger playground then before and score rating.
Christmas Holiday Dress Up Game

Plays: 678
Category: Dress-Up Games
Have you ever dressed up a girl according to her mood. In this Christmas holiday this cute girl has so much work. So this shy girl will ask dresses according to her great mood. Make sure she is looking fabulous otherwise she will become upset. Make note on the clock often. Dress her up and appreciate the perfect scenery together! Happy Christmas Have fun!
Miss santa makeover Game

Plays: 677
Category: Other Games
Christmas is one of the most beautiful night of the year and Miss Santa needs a big makeover for that night. Help her to find the perfect outfit for that day.
Santa Christmas Game

Plays: 675
Category: Other Games
Find the hidden objects using your observing skills.
Holiday Crushing Game

Plays: 674
Category: Action Games
New and funniest Christmas crushing game
Deadly Hats of Christmas Fury Game

Plays: 674
Category: Action Games
Dodge the Deadly Christmas Objects with your cursor to gain a highscore
Christmas Escape Game

Plays: 668
Category: Puzzles Games
This is the 81th game from Santa was locked in the room and lost his gift bag, try to escape santa from the room by finding some useful objects and clues.Because all over the world children are waiting for santa's,don't let the children down.Play enagames and have a fun!
Snow Angels Game

Plays: 667
Category: Action Games
It's a snowball fight! Defeat all the enemies before you loose all your hearts. - Click below the dotted line to move to that spot - Click above the dotted line to throw a snowball - Stand still to dig for new snowballs (refill your ammo)
Katy and Karl - Christmas Playground Game

Plays: 665
Category: Dress-Up Games
Celebrate Christmas with Katy and Karl. In this funny game you have to help them do the Christmas shopping, take care of their pets, dress them for Christmas, make a photo session and a Snow Challenge.
Chariot Room Escape Game

Plays: 664
Category: Puzzles Games
Chariot Room Escape is a type of point and click new escape game developed by In this escape game, you are locked inside a Chariot room. Try to escape from the room by finding items and by solving the puzzles. Use your best escape skills. Good luck and have fun!

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Tips: For a scope shot game you can go to Gameplay and enable Ghost to remove player/enemy collisions. Use invincible if you don't want enemy fire to hit your scope either.