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Online christmas Games
Kute Christmas Ed Game

Plays: 2091
Category: Puzzles Games
KUTE Christmas is an amazing skill game bought for you by You have to move a snowball to collect the colour balls in correct order.
Christmas Decoration Game

Plays: 2089
Category: BoardGame Games
Draw a line to connect christmas symbols of the same form and make points. With a limited amount of time score as much as you can by connecting christmas symbolsof the same form. Use multiple symbols to make larger chains.
Christmas Day Kiss Game

Plays: 2087
Category: Strategy Games
A young couple is getting ready for their First Christmas Date. The two have been looking extremely lovey-doves throughout the Christmas season and were in the mood for kiss. Make the young couple to kiss passionately without getting caught by anyone as otherwise you will lose a life. Just make them kiss watchfully to fill the kissing loader within specified time duration in each level.
Scandelf Game

Plays: 2084
Category: Other Games
Our little friend hates christmas... He wants to ruin them for everyone. You think you can help him out? Help him collect points by throwing ornaments at people! Have fun!
Santa´s Roofing Hell Game

Plays: 2082
Category: Action Games
A classical runner starring Santa. Help him to get onboard his sleigh jumping over the city´s roofs.
City Smile Christmas Game

Plays: 2081
Category: Action Games
Send gifts and make smiles happy is this fun strategy game!
Xmas Gift Rush Game

Plays: 2080
Category: Adventure Games
While he was driving his magic sledge in the sky, Santa was struck down by lightning! His bag full of presents drop on the earth and all the gifts were spread on the hills. Only a bike was left in the bag, so Santa decided to ride it as fast as possible in order to collect all the gifts before Christmas. But, without a helping hand he will not be able to do that! Go on and help Santa get the gifts back before Christmas comes! Good luck!
Jingle Balls Game

Plays: 2075
Category: Other Games
The GAME Warehouse has been flooded with baubles and we can't despatch your gifts out until they're gone! Help us by getting rid of them and if you shift enough, you'll be rewarded with an exclusive GAME online voucher code for money off your Christmas shopping!
Coal Delivery Game

Plays: 2067
Category: Action Games
Coal delivery! Play as St Nick and Elf to deliver all of the presents before xmas! Merry Christmas and have fun!
Christmas with Santa Game

Plays: 2066
Category: Customize Games
Help this Santa Claus to find his gifts that was hidden by the Satan in this snowy road, he is worried that the kids will be waiting for the gifts and he is getting late. He should be happy if you can take out his worries and make this Christmas a memorable one.
LuckySanta Game

Plays: 2064
Category: Adventure Games
Make the santa collect as many chocolates and gifts as possible that are flying on the screen by jumping and catching them and avoid catching the crackers and the stars. If the player catches the chocolates and gifts his points will be increased and at the same time if he catches any of the crackers or stars more than twice, the game will end.
Penguin Gift Game

Plays: 2064
Category: Strategy Games
Christmas Time! Penguin needs to collect chocolates for kids.
Christmas Bugs Game

Plays: 2059
Category: Action Games
Christmas bugs is a puzzle logic game.
Santa Comes to Doli Town Game

Plays: 2057
Category: Strategy Games
help Santa prepare the toys, wrap gifts and deliver them to good little children
Naughty Boy on Christmas Game

Plays: 2054
Category: Other Games
Naughty Boy is back in this Christmas season. This time he wants to do funny things in Christmas environment. Try to do as many mischievous things as possible in every level, without being caught. Just enjoy being naughty to win the game.
Christmas Mahjong (spanish) Game

Plays: 2048
Category: BoardGame Games
El juego del Mahjong con temática Navideña.
Christmas Shooter Game

Plays: 2045
Category: Action Games
A fun and fast snow ball fight with all the Christmas characters, do your best to fight off the others.
Salti di Natale Game

Plays: 2044
Category: Action Games
Santa Claus must back home in time for tea time. The Elves seem to want to ruin the plans of the old bearded man.. Well, what are you waiting, try to back home!. Use the ARROW KEYS to control Santa Claus and Z to jump. Good luck! Tips & Help: info (at) Another game by
Christmas Ruby Room Escape Game

Plays: 2043
Category: Adventure Games
Explore Ruby Christmas room 2011, collect all valuable items unlock door lock and escape!
Jolagogo2009 Game

Plays: 2041
Category: Action Games
The holidays are coming and the one thing we need is the holiday spirit. We encourage everyone to fill a whole tank with holiday.

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