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Online christmas Games
Christmas Season Escape Game

Plays: 1213
Category: Other Games
You are locked inside your apartment while you are doing the Christmas decoration. This is the work of the sneaky room mate who loves puzzles and games. So there will be a key somewhere hidden behind the puzzles related to Christmas
A Bonte Christmas Game

Plays: 1211
Category: Puzzles Games
A Bonte Christmas, a Bart Bonte game. Here it is, my Christmas present for you! Can you complete all 16 levels? Merry puzzling!
Santa's Helpers Game

Plays: 1211
Category: Puzzles Games
A fun matching puzzle game where you work as Santa's helpers matching 3 or more similar gifts to be delivered to homes in time for Christmas.
Manicure Salon: Holidays Style Game

Plays: 1210
Category: Customize Games
The holidays madness is just about to start, and you can not leave any detail uncovered! So make sure you’ll properly take care of your fabulous nails, and get them in the Christmas spirit as well! Choose from all these colorful, joyful and magical textures, then customize them with cute little decoration items, and the result will be just stunning! A complete manicure makeover for happy girls with happy nails, all in the Hollidays’ spirit... cuz that’s the way we roll!
Happy Christmas 2 Game

Plays: 1204
Category: Adventure Games
This is the 525th escape game from The story of this game is to collect the mail for santa and find the gifts specified in mail. Assume that santa wants to move out to distribute gift's for people. But he need your help to find those gifts. Help him and make him joyful. Click on the objects to interact with them and solve simple puzzles. Play enagames and have fun!
Adventure Of Santa Claus Game

Plays: 1204
Category: Action Games
adventure of santa claus .
Father Christmas Dress Up Game

Plays: 1203
Category: Dress-Up Games
Father Christmas Dress Up is a different version of dress up, because not only depicts Father Christmas on Christmas, in this game you have 6 scenarios and 64 choices of objects and each object with 4 color options, there are hundreds of combinations. Apart of Christmas scenes, you have the Santa beach holiday, with the option of it being a tourist or diver has the room where Santa can leave you in pajamas, choose the city and more ...
Lost Gifts Game

Plays: 1200
Category: Action Games
Help Santa to collect gifts. Be careful! Turn when vidish stumps, snowmen and jump the ditch!
Christmas Taxi Jigsaw Game

Plays: 1200
Category: Puzzles Games
Santa will come with red taxi this year. But only at this taxi jigsaw game. Select your mode and click shuffle to play game. Drag the pieces into right position and multiple pieces can be selected using Ctrl + Left Click. Solve the puzzle before time is up.
Christmas Typing Game

Plays: 1200
Category: BoardGame Games
Typing game with Christmas theme.
Hidden Objects-Christmas Eve Game

Plays: 1198
Category: Puzzles Games
Hidden Objects Christmas Eve is a very nice point and click hidden object game for Christmas fun . What holiday could be better than Christmas. On this Eva night of Christmas every one decorated their room with shining lights, gifts, music, the festive mood. You have to find the object in this Christmas Eve night scan. Be aware if you will make any wrong click then you will lose your -20 second. Have fun!
Santa Christmas Gifts Escape-2 Game

Plays: 1194
Category: Puzzles Games
Santa Christmas Gifts Escape-2 is a type of point and click new escape game developed by . This Christmas, Santa is going to deliver gifts for seven special kids from seven different places in the world. Totally there will be 5 parts in this story. After successfully delivering 1st kid gift in the 1st part, Satna is going to be delivering 2nd and 3rd gifts to the kids in this part. At this time you have to help the Santa to maintain his reindeers, find the way to entering the house, deliver the correct gifts and handle the critical situations. Enjoy second part of this series and Have fun!
Santa Carol Dressup Game

Plays: 1191
Category: Dress-Up Games
Game description: It is Christmas evening and Santa Claus is getting ready for his big night. He wants YOU to help him get dressed up.
Xmas gifts explosion Game

Plays: 1190
Category: Action Games
Small game on scores with a lot of explosion effects! Touch gift and it will be destroy with beautifull firework! Christmas mood included Laughing
Christmas Tree Decoration Game

Plays: 1186
Category: Customize Games
Well children it is Christmas time now and would you not like to decorate your Christmas tree. Would you not like your friends to visit your homes and praise you for your designing game? Then do not wait anymore, start off immediately!
Chrismtas Match Game

Plays: 1185
Category: Puzzles Games
An addictive little puzzle game especially for Merry Christmas! Swap the different christmas ornaments. Switch the ornaments around to match them up in rows or columns of three or more.
A Very Webby Christmas Game

Plays: 1185
Category: Action Games
A short Christmas themed preview of the Webby HD engine. Guide Webby and his friends through a short 10 level story featuring brand new feast and survival level alongside the classic collect levels and a unique boss battle created especially for this game or try Arcade mode to try and earn the highest score you can
Christmas Squirrel Game

Plays: 1185
Category: Action Games
Christmas Squirrel adventure. The squirrel couple decide to collect nuts and go back home. Please help them to complete the exciting work. Be careful all kinds of monsters and traps. Control the two squirrels to collect ALL nuts and go home. Only boy squirrel can take up/drop the box. Pick up GOLD star can make squirrel jump higher, pick up RED star can break the ice wall. Remember: cooperation is very important, they need to help each other. Have fun!
Christmass Ride Game

Plays: 1179
Category: Driving Games
Beautiful christmas game. Drive through 7 tracks and help Santa collect all presents.
Charming Girl In Christmas Game

Plays: 1177
Category: Dress-Up Games
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