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Online funny Games
Colorful Flowers Link Game

Plays: 5836
Category: Puzzles Games
There are so many kinds of beautiful flowers in summer. Do you love them? Remember to care them, and not to pick them. Now, you can link two same ones and gather them. Come to play Colorful Flowers Link. Try to gather them, the more, the better. Ok, start this interesting game!
Bush Vs. Reporter Game

Plays: 5822
Category: Shooting Games
A funny bush games,you could choose bush to help him advoiding shoes attacks,or choosing the reporter,attack bush by shoes.
Decoration and Design My House Game

Plays: 5807
Category: Dress-Up Games
Create a House, Design and build your own house! more funny games on
Crazy Cop: New York City! Game

Plays: 5800
Category: Shooting Games
This time, a group of terrorists are attacking New York city! You are the Crazy Cop, your mission, save New York by BLOWING UP enemies! Experience a crazy driving/shooting game, and have some fun. NEWS: Fixed some bug's (like the "play button" bug) and a HIGSCORE leaderboard was added to this version.
HangKasab Game

Plays: 5792
Category: Other Games
Hang Kasab is a funny game of hanging a terrorist!
Creative Kill Chamber: Two! Game

Plays: 5771
Category: Action Games
Creative Kill Chamber: Two! The sequel to the hit game, Creative Kill Chamber. Your friend has been captured, and you have to break him free from the clutches of the CKC Corporation. Using your awesomeness, kill the guards in multiple ways with various firearms, hand-to-hand combat, and special weapons!
Night Balloons Game

Plays: 5767
Category: Action Games
Catch balloons and match them with Frosmo pets!
Squash The Bugs Game

Plays: 5767
Category: Action Games
Control the tank with the arrow keys and Squash the bugs. Funny game of a chef driving a tank to get rid of the bugs in his kitchen. He has to cook a nice meal and can't use any bugs during his cooking.
Burger Defense Game

Plays: 5720
Category: Shooting Games
Protect the burger joint from hobos, zombies, ninjas and more by shooting killer potatoes at them via a potato cannon! Upgrade your potatoes with spikes, M60s and poison. Survive 20 levels and you win.
City Girl Game

Plays: 5707
Category: Adventure Games
Wide streets of big city are waiting for you! Try to make a fashion look for an evening walk. Neon lights and city adventures are so attracting! You can pick from a variaty of jeans, skirts, coats, shirts and nice city shoues. Some accesories are also included and you can take a little dog with you to make your walk funny!
Poing! Game

Plays: 5704
Category: Action Games
Avoid little ghosts from falling down the screen!
Casual Space Game

Plays: 5701
Category: Action Games
Collect all the star pieces in funny space adventure game with arcade elements.
Strawberry Shortcake Dressup Game

Plays: 5685
Category: Dress-Up Games
Create a big Strawberry Shortcake from a wide variety of toppings! When your finished, you can save your creation as a wallpaper or graphic.
Going the Distance Game

Plays: 5674
Category: Action Games
A Shen Games Theatre Production. A daring story about a single man on his boat and his fight to survive. A tornado has come onto his island and has begun to destroy everything in its path. The only logical and brave thing to do is to run like the wind, going the distance.
the vomitos Game

Plays: 5665
Category: Other Games
The vomitos, make puke your vomitos as much as possible, and reach the best score, flash game for kids made by poopeegames.
Pig Sty Game

Plays: 5649
Category: Puzzles Games
A gross but hilarious memory game that you'll love.
Honey Flows Game

Plays: 5647
Category: Dress-Up Games
Little bees has been buzzing here and there everyday to extract honey for a whole summer. Now it's time for a good harvest! There are plenty of honey storing in the hives. Please help the beekeeper to gather honey. Try to gather honey from every comb by linking as less bees as possible. It's such a sweet job, right?Click the Rank button to check your score. When you finally pass all 18 levels, you can submit the amount of bees that you used. Try to use as less bees as possible. Come on and challenge yourself!
Hammertime (in 60 seconds) Game

Plays: 5640
Category: Action Games
Stop! Hammertime! Get McHammer through funny levels and gather as much points as possible withing 60 seconds!
Smile Game

Plays: 5628
Category: Puzzles Games
Smiling faces are happy faces. Make them happy - turn sad faces into smiling faces as quick as possible :)
PigSmash Game

Plays: 5618
Category: Action Games
kick out this funny pig and make a high score

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Tips: For things like scopes or hands which are either on or can go to the edge of the screen you should go to Player|Advanced and change the Bounds parameter to around 10 or so. This will give you a point based bounding box instead of a auto bounding box.