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Mouse Revolt A Free Online Game
Mouse Revolt
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Pumpkin vs Zombies
Behing enemy lines episode one A Free Online Game
Behing enemy lines episode one
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Bird Hunt
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Online funny Games
Afterlife Game

Plays: 2989
Category: Action Games
Use the mouse to activate the switchs to heaven or hell. Place the Devils in the Hell and the Angels in heaven. Dogs must go to limbo(Dog House). Angels Keep your balance strong but give less points Devils give more points and add one point to the score multiplier (combo). Dogs give a good ammount of points, but they are rare. If the persons are sent to the wrong place you lose balance, also if your balance goes to zero, it is game over.
Tricky Thief Game

Plays: 2987
Category: Action Games
Thief collect the Jewels spread all across the level. Platforms are timed, hence check your jumps. Get to the end platform to level up.
Jungle Rumble Game

Plays: 2987
Category: Action Games
Try to bounce the sheep back with this crazy caveman. His intentions are to use the sheep to get the cookies that are dropping down from the sky. Its your job to make sure this poor sheep is save and doesnt crash on the ground.. A free funny game, with a prehistoric background :)
Doors Two Game

Plays: 2986
Category: Other Games
New version of Door. Enjoy hopefully. Forget Seven, Forget Snow Leopard, the winner is Doors Two. Using new technology you can open more than one program at time. So you can check email and browse internet.
Merry Christmas: Gifts & Blessings Game

Plays: 2985
Category: Adventure Games
A Lovely game where a player on a skateboard collects gifts and blessings from Santa himself who comes riding on his sledge with a whole lot of them. The gifts and blessings one collects, the more he/she scores. In each level one has to collect minimum 10 gifts or blessings combined to qualify for the next level. Thats not all, one can earn cool style points by collecting the gift while jumping.
Dress Up the Planet 1.5 Game

Plays: 2983
Category: Dress-Up Games
A new version to the funny unconventional high quality dress up game, dress up the planet.
Hippos Pin Ball Game

Plays: 2973
Category: Other Games
Control the paddle at the bottom of the screen and try to destroy all the fruits to move into the next level. Beware to catch up the bomb and you're sure to have a blast!
The Flipped Quiz Game

Plays: 2972
Category: Education Games
Can you beat the Flipped Quiz ? Try it and you can submit your score on the leaderboard and compete for the highest score.
Lucky Boot Game

Plays: 2971
Category: Action Games
Well...the goal of this funny game is to throw your shoes at the president. And he is pretty good at dodging!
monkey jungle Game

Plays: 2967
Category: Action Games
Help all the monkeys to cross the jungle swing from tree to tree. Its too funny look at all those monkeys jumping!
Oh, the Huge Manatee! (Chinese) Game

Plays: 2965
Category: Action Games
Try to avoid the sea life falling from the sky for as long as you can in this hilarious avoider game.
Nonogram Puzzle #11. Paint by NUMBERS Game

Plays: 2965
Category: Puzzles Games
This is a classical nonogram or Japanese puzzle with standard rules. If you solve this puzzle you will see a picture of a funny sea animal. Guess who is it? To solve it use numbers on the left and on the upper side of the grid as indices. These numbers show how many colored cells are in each block. For example, if you see the numbers 5,2 on the left of the row, then in this row there 5 colored cells in block, then some cells are blank, then 2 colored cells.
Talking B*ll*cks Game

Plays: 2963
Category: Action Games
Can you help Mr. Brown get back into Number 10? A satirical platformer to celebrate the run-up to the UK General Elections.
Where is a bridge Game

Plays: 2963
Category: Action Games
Where is a bridge is puzzle game where you need to find out how to get bridge to continue your journey. it is funny game with lot of puzzle. test your brains with this :D
Find Easter Bunnies Game

Plays: 2962
Category: Puzzles Games
10 Easter bunnies has disappeared! Can you find them in this funny Easter game?
Poke-A-Boo Game

Plays: 2958
Category: Action Games
Poke out eyes for fun!
Halloween Pumpkin Dress Up Game

Plays: 2948
Category: Dress-Up Games
Pumpkins is an indispensable part of halloween. Playing with the pumpkins is also a funny thing. Do you want to dress the pumpkin up? Do you like to make it more interesting? Ok, come on guys! You will find the funny feelings in it!
Pancake Designer Game

Plays: 2944
Category: Dress-Up Games
Yum, try to make some great combos with Pancake Designer! Stack up some hotcakes and fruit then add some Chocolate Pancakes to the mix!
Lawyer Bubble Jokes Game

Plays: 2941
Category: Action Games
Click a Bubble Pop it and see a new Lawyer Joke

Plays: 2940
Category: Other Games
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Tips: When using the Multiple Opponents option you must create an SWF where each frame is a different opponent. It will detect how many frames you have and randomly choose one each time they spawn. Each individual frame can have it's own independant animating movieclip inside.