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Online funny Games
Just pop Game

Plays: 2436
Category: Action Games
Bunny have to catch the ball thrown by the rabbit and then pop them to the bird bowl.You score a point for each ball you pop them to the bird bowl.You win the level when you pop all the ball to the bird bowl.This game has four level.In the first level there is no bees but 2nd,3rd and 4th level has one,two and three bees respectively.If you hit the bees your game is over.If you hit the star you get the protection from the bees for some seconds.Use left and right arrow key to move the bunny left and right and press x to pop the ball.
Talent Shoot 2 Game

Plays: 2433
Category: Puzzles Games
More fun balloons shooting are back with move levels. This is the continuing of talent shoot 1.Shoot the balloons, every level you have three lives to hit the target require to move to next level.
Fantasy Heroes MOBILE Game

Plays: 2432
Category: Customize Games
Create your own funny fantasy RPG hero! This time in mobile ready fullscreen version!
Shoot the clown Game

Plays: 2428
Category: Action Games
The best game on a funfair is "Shoot the clown". Try to hit the target near the clown and he will drop into the water tank. After that you can win some bonus points in the game "Highstriker".
Booger Sniper Game

Plays: 2428
Category: Puzzles Games
You can't flick boogers at someone in real life. However, you can experience it in this game. So, Why don't you take your marksmanship skill to another level! Go shoot some boogerz!
Esc from End of the World Game

Plays: 2427
Category: Puzzles Games
Esc from End of the World is another new point and click room escape game from A Funny man wants to escape from end of the world. He is like a Mr. Bean character. He will do funny things in serious manner. All media published that the world will be end at the end at 2012. They all are predicted the end will happen in different ways. Each one describes their own imagination. The funny man believes that and doing funny thing to escape from end of the world. Help him to continue his funny things.
Madhouse Game

Plays: 2424
Category: Adventure Games
Pretty nice platformer in pixel art style with unusual outro. Solve puzzles, beat doctors, collect keys, avoid needles and smashers. Run, jump, use pressure plates to open traps, push and pull boxes! Explore corners and enjoy!
Forest Hair Salon Game

Plays: 2411
Category: Dress-Up Games
A funny birds game for girls. Style the bird's hair according to their desires.
HoneyHunt Game

Plays: 2411
Category: Puzzles Games
HoneyHunt Is a funny game of honey bee collecting the honey
Beiby freaks Game

Plays: 2409
Category: Action Games
Against the Jack with spend the milk in the bottle, join with your friend to defeat Him.
Kid's coloring: Funny fishing Game

Plays: 2408
Category: Customize Games
Kid's coloring: "Funny fishing" is free coloring game.
Little Devil Game

Plays: 2405
Category: Dress-Up Games
Oh no! You never can leave a toddler alone! It doesn't matter how small and cute the baby is, they'll always make a huge mess if you leave them in a kitchen full of food! Don't let this little baby monster into the cookie cabinet!
My Pony Dress Style Game

Plays: 2404
Category: Customize Games
My cute pony and me we have a great spring day. Our style and dress should look better than before with your help.
Turkey Dressup Game

Plays: 2402
Category: Customize Games
Dress the fat Turkey in various funny outfits and dressup the cute little girl too! When you are ready to celebrate Thanksgiving Day just print your result.
Finger mania Game

Plays: 2396
Category: Customize Games
Have you ever been bored in classes and started drawing your own finger? This funny game lets you do just that without having to watch our for the prof. Just use your imagination and dress the finger to your taste. Have fun
Funny Muzzles Game

Plays: 2396
Category: Puzzles Games
The Funny Muzzles have been parted from each other. Place platforms, draw lines and bring them back together.
Tremor Hatch Game

Plays: 2394
Category: Puzzles Games
Use the repel gun or the cutting gun to break the egg shell and let the egg hatch. You will need to jump from high places or make objects fall on you.
ChocoFun Game

Plays: 2392
Category: Puzzles Games
ChocoFun is a funny casual game about discovering the bakery stuff
Legend of the Brothers Game

Plays: 2392
Category: Fighting Games
Stickman Brothers training with the hell angels , you can operate them, to win the cup? This is the most funny stickman fighting games, . Let's enjoy it.
Stop the Vuvuzelas Game

Plays: 2391
Category: Shooting Games
Hi, I'm Vivi. I'm in the stadium for World Cup matches. Oh my god. This noise is killing me. Please help me stop them.

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Tips: For a scope shot set the Player weapon speed to zero. Change the player weapon graphic to a circle that gets quickly smaller and then stretch the frame out around 4000 frames so it doesn't repeat itself.