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  Stealth Bomber 2 A Free Online Game
Blackjack Quest A Free Online Game
Blackjack Quest
Wonderland Paintball  A Free Online Game
Wonderland Paintball
Pwr friend group: Sonic A Free Online Game
Pwr friend group: Sonic
Night Walkers A Free Online Game
Night Walkers
aj likes men A Free Online Game
aj likes men
Diva's & Divo's

Online funny Games
Ball Ball Game

Plays: 5120
Category: BoardGame Games
Help mister Choco-Koko collect all the balls. You must choose at least 3 of the same color! Hurry up - time is running out!
Apple Pie 4th of July Game

Plays: 5103
Category: Puzzles Games
Make a wonderful slice of Apple Pie for your 4th of July! use all the fruits and cream and make it big!
RoboFlu Game

Plays: 5100
Category: BoardGame Games
A virus outbreak is raging the robot population. Help Professor Doktor to cure the poor robots! The virus infects the robot's brain, but with Professor Doktor's patented procedure, it is possible to remove those miniature malefactors.
The Insanity Test Game

Plays: 5093
Category: Puzzles Games
Ever wonder how insane you are? Take this fun little test to find out!
Click me, if you can Game

Plays: 5092
Category: Action Games
Click me, if you can. Follow the spots and click with precision
Scottoons Cat-a-pult Game

Plays: 5055
Category: Action Games
Launch a cat and see how high and how far you can make him go! If you hit the doghouse you'll wake up the hound. Look out, he won't stop chasing you! Make the cat flap his arms to slow his decent. Eat the birds to get more energy power. Get the cat to tuck and roll and he's more likely to hit more springs or dynamite.
1 Turkish Lira Game

Plays: 5041
Category: Action Games
In the game we are trying to fid 21 gains 1TL which are hidden. good luck everbody .have a funny time
Lifeguard Larry Deluxe Game

Plays: 5018
Category: Adventure Games
OH NO! That fat kid is drowning in the pool! I guess Lifeguard Larry had better save him or at least get his corpse out of the pool or something. In this game you have one minute to take action. Your actions can all lead to different outcomes in this fast and fun, humor game.
Paris Hilton Jail Escape Game

Plays: 5017
Category: Sports Games
Help Paris with your trampoline to escape jail by jumping over the walls! Use your mouse to move the trampoline.
JackNJane Game

Plays: 5002
Category: Other Games
JackNJane is a very funny game of office pranks by guys and gals!
Oh No, Cowboy Vampires Game

Plays: 4992
Category: Action Games
A bizarre tower defence game featuring robots, dinosaurs, cowboy vampires and a sense of humour.
Fatal Kombat Game

Plays: 4991
Category: Action Games
Fatal Kombat is a fan-made, "sequel" to the popular Mortal Kombat series of games. The game features nice 3d pre-rendered graphics, fun fighting against an AI opponent, and a re-creation of The Pit level from MK in full 3d glory, with a funny parody at the bottom of The Pit. We hope you enjoy playing this game as much as I enjoyed creating it! It's just a fun, quick little game that will remind you of the MK series. Please leave a comment if you enjoyed it, and if you like, leave us a wishlist of features, what would you like integrated into the game ? Lightsaber fighting is coming soon... We could expand this game to be something much better / cooler / longer if there's interest! ;)
Tweens Game

Plays: 4987
Category: Action Games
If you do not like animals, then that online game just for you, if you like, also for you. They are so cute! In this game you should, commensurate their strength, to fall in line animals beer caps, and they are ridiculous shaking his head and emit strange sounds! Very colorful game raises spirits, creating a fun online environment!
CD Burner Shooter Game

Plays: 4974
Category: Action Games
Shoot as many CDs as you can in this action packed game! With 10 levels of massive burning, the fun is guaranteed! And with highscores, people from around the world can compete to see who is the best CD shooter! Play with mouse and select weapons with buttons at the top (or press keys 1-4). Difficulty will increase over time.
Funny Bug War Game

Plays: 4974
Category: Action Games
Funny Bug War Game,Free Online Comic Games, Play Shooting Games
Jersey Maniac Game

Plays: 4971
Category: Action Games
How well you know shirts of football teams? Can you recognize Celtic, Benfica or Nantes jersey? Test your football knowledge with this funny quiz game!
hurt ragdoll bieber vs memes Game

Plays: 4962
Category: Action Games
Today Ragdoll Bieber want to challenge all memes around the internet. Do you have any guts to fulfill his rage? just play it!
Attack of the Killer Goats Game

Plays: 4961
Category: Action Games
Shoot as many evil killer goats as possible but don't harm the nice ones.
Christmas Cannon Blast Game

Plays: 4957
Category: Action Games
A wickedly fun seasonal treat to all those keen to help Santa test his experimental Christmas Cannon. Using Santa's elves as human cannonballs, blast your way through 16 levels of hilarious obstacle courses!
Office Chair Freestyle Game

Plays: 4956
Category: Action Games
Office chair freestyle madness, special for bored workers! Do as many backflips as you can without smash your face on the pavement!

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Tips: For a scope shot set the Player weapon speed to zero. Change the player weapon graphic to a circle that gets quickly smaller and then stretch the frame out around 4000 frames so it doesn't repeat itself.