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World War Fupa
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Online funny Games
Memflex Game

Plays: 2706
Category: Puzzles Games
Very interesting memory game.
Hero Net Game

Plays: 2691
Category: Action Games
Catch them before they fall!
Scribble Crawler Game

Plays: 2690
Category: Action Games
Start your crayon engines and doodle cars come alive! Cute little driving game with funny scribble graphics and challenging "drive fast but carefully" gameplay. Drive fast, but still carefully enough, and finish 4 stages and the Cup as fast as possible. Keep your crawler vehicle on the ground even in toughest parts of the race - do not be too greedy as jumping into the air is punished with time penalty! Release throttle in time before steep downhills and bumps. The trick is to drive fast, but not too fast! Scribble Crawler is an easy-to-play, hard-to-master racing game that will get you hooked!
Burgler Bomb Game

Plays: 2689
Category: Action Games
This Burgler has stolen your money from your house.As you can see this stupid burgler stucked in your garden.Bomb that burgler and get back your money.But dont kill other creatures in your garden.This will decrease your score.If you find any bug lease visit my page.And i am waiting for your suggestions.GL & HF

Plays: 2687
Category: Action Games
It is funny shooting game. so many enemies make your world unsafe. So, use four types of weapons to protect your world. You can use medicine to make your life lengthy. These 25 levels will make you to feel adventurous.
Aliens In A Box Deluxe Game

Plays: 2684
Category: Puzzles Games
How did he end up on earth? The world may never know.. But for now you have to help out our little green alien friend find his way back to his planet. Play through 20 levels of awesome fun in this new physics puzzle game!
Lion Typing Game

Plays: 2682
Category: Education Games
a funny typing game!typing as possible as you can To avoid be eat by the lion.Type out the correct spelling of each word. Higher levels get progressively more difficult. Good luck! more games on
BadGig Game

Plays: 2678
Category: Dress-Up Games
So BAD it's GOOD. Bad Gig, Bad Gig, what are you going to do? Bad Gig, Bad Gig, when it comes for you?
The Cannon Man Game

Plays: 2677
Category: Puzzles Games
You must help the cannon man to go through flamming hoops. He must avoid to be touched by the fire. Have fun!!!
Whaka's Adventure Game

Plays: 2676
Category: Adventure Games
Help Whaka in his adventure fight giant bees and more...
Criminal Punch Game

Plays: 2671
Category: Other Games
Funny criminal punch jokes
Alien Rescue Game

Plays: 2670
Category: Action Games
Game name is "Alien Teleportation". It is based on physics engine and have a nice graphics.The objective of the game is to remove unnecessary blocks and to land Alien on teleportation block. If all this done you can teleport the Alien.It has 90 levels, many blocks types. All 90 levels divided into 3 worlds (constellations) which has different graphics on background. Constellations are appears in main menu during progress of game. Then you can choose any level by pressing planet in those constellations.
Smiley Puzzle 2 Game

Plays: 2665
Category: Action Games
The long awaited sequel to the frantic matching game with the funny smileys! Slide the smileys to connect 3 or more to match them. Match the top smiley of the queue to increase your multiplier and progress through the level. Remember to break locks and collect time bonuses, because time is not on your side!
Deep Space Scrapper Game

Plays: 2664
Category: Action Games
Blow stuff up in space with lasers. Be the A.I. of a heavily-armed space probe and vaporize scrap for your "Papa's" one-man salvage operation; choose your weapons and rake in the cash. Bored with story mode? Unwind in five unique Challenge Modes.
Bubble Panic Game

Plays: 2664
Category: Shooting Games
Help this wizard to pop all the bubbles by casting magical beams. The objective is to dodge the bubbles while shooting them down. A funny, simple, and very addictive flash game to play.
Mice 2 Game

Plays: 2661
Category: Action Games
This small and funny top down game will make you defend the last piece of cheese from the mice. As soon as the game starts the mice will attack from all sides. You can defend the cheese by dragging the ball into the opposite direction of the attackers, then release it to smash them down. Also don't forget to pickup the power-ups to make the ball even more deadly.
ragdoll bieber vs heavy truck 2 Game

Plays: 2661
Category: Action Games
never been so excited by hurting ragdoll bieber like this one!!! no break all the truck with Ragdoll Bieber body, enjoy!!!
Treasure Catcher Game

Plays: 2654
Category: Other Games
Catch the jewelries, gold coins and the golden lamp. Be sure that you will not catch the red lamp. Just press the mouse long so that you can get the jewelries, gold coins and the golden lamp. Have fun and enjoy!
FuryFury! Game

Plays: 2650
Category: Action Games
Funny platformer/logical game. Help the furious girl rescue her kitty!
Candy Tiles Game

Plays: 2650
Category: BoardGame Games
Click on matching tiles of delicious candy icons. Play the 3 levels, score big and reveal funny graphics in each level.

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