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Online funny Games
Magic Well Game

Plays: 1375
Category: Puzzles Games
A funny crazy water-physics game. Defend the Magic Well from colorful invaders!
Catching Moles Game

Plays: 1373
Category: Action Games
Moles and mice had appeared in the green melon farm. Quickly catch the moles and the mice with your hammer. Watch out, because other animals of the forest will also appear. You cannot harm the frogs and the rabbits because they are the animals of the forest.
Groom on the run Game

Plays: 1372
Category: Action Games
Here comes a funny game for all the wedding poopers of you! Run, jump and gun down brides to avoid getting married in 'Groom On The Run'.
Learning Chinese Game

Plays: 1371
Category: Education Games
a funny learning Chinese game ;
Furr'n Love Game

Plays: 1359
Category: Action Games
It seems Cupid has everything in his aim this year and this lovely cat and dog are no exception! Now this is funny indeed and Cupid is enjoying every moment of it so why wouldn't we? What you have to do is pretty simple: make the cat and dog kiss until the yellow bar of the kissing meter is full but be careful for the granny that's walking from here to there every once in a while!
Outdoor mini golf Game

Plays: 1357
Category: Sports Games
You've probably played some time minigolf with your parents or friends. We will bring it to your computer so you can enjoy the same feeling. Countless circuits and holes. Use the mouse to aim and click to hit the ball. Very simple and addictive!
hellOut reloaded Game

Plays: 1357
Category: Action Games
Hell Out cartoon style carnage game.
Zombie Match 3 Game

Plays: 1355
Category: Action Games
Slide and match zombies in this thrilling Halloween match 3 game! Use a shovel to kick a zombie out if it gets in your way. This game is easy to learn, but hard to complete. With it's colorful and funny zombies, it's entertaining for kids and the whole family!
Stalk The Frog Game

Plays: 1352
Category: Puzzles Games
This funny frog bets you won't catch him!
PI**ED Off Pigs Card Match Game

Plays: 1348
Category: Action Games
Pi**ed Off Pigs Card Match is a great game with good sounds and some added fun! Funny graphic too! Click on things to see what they do! Also try to score a "perfect"
SensoRabbit Game

Plays: 1347
Category: Action Games
Help a very sensitive rabbit to get all carrots from the minefield. Use his abilities to avoid mines and enemies. Be fast, smart and lucky to get all the gold medals available.
Balloons Gozar Game

Plays: 1347
Category: Action Games
Balloons Gozar is a high-scoring game where you will destroy the adjacent similar blocks by clicking on them. There will be many power-ups which will help you in critical situations.
Zombies Kissing Game

Plays: 1346
Category: Other Games
For this festival season all zombies are trying to become humans. So they planned to kiss the humans, suck their blood and then become humans. But this place is full of people with toddlers. The only solution is to sneak out and kiss without being seen by anybody or they will shoot you. Do you think you could help them? Your attention is highly appreciated in this fun kissing game. In the first level zombies will kiss each other, in second level zombie will kiss human girl and in the final level the zombies changed humans will kiss each other. Have fun!
SpeakBird Game

Plays: 1342
Category: Action Games
Speak to bird and use mouse to play with bird.have fun!
Eat My Squares Game

Plays: 1341
Category: Action Games
Eat My Squares is a simple game, but addicting. You control Harry the "red" square by moving your mouse around the play area. Harry will follow along.
OokiCookie Game

Plays: 1340
Category: Action Games
Do you like cookies? Then try OokiCookie! A colorful avoider game. Do not get caught by the hungry but very cute bushes. 21 exciting levels are waiting for you. Many awards and achievements. Do not miss!
Numberz Game

Plays: 1340
Category: Education Games
Numberz! is a learning puzzle game. The aim of the game is to clear the playfield making a necessary sum of numbers on neighboring tiles. You cannot match the tiles diagonally. If the sum is correct, the color of tiles will change. Change all the colored tiles to white to pass the level. Compete in a multiplayer mode and have fun!
Patty's Day Parade Game

Plays: 1335
Category: Customize Games
It's the Patty's Day Parade, and everybody's singing and dancing! It's a jovial day for everyone in the city! And with all of the wacky green hats, funny green glasses, and checkered green pants, you'll be seeing a veritable volume of virescent clothes for weeks!
Galax Game

Plays: 1334
Category: Action Games
More awesome games at
Santa Road Game

Plays: 1327
Category: Driving Games
Drive your BMW X6 on the Santa journey, pick up gits for childrens and make him happy.

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Tips: For a scope shot game you can go to Gameplay and enable Ghost to remove player/enemy collisions. Use invincible if you don't want enemy fire to hit your scope either.