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Online ninja Games
SkullFace Game

Plays: 2699
Category: Action Games
Massive Action platformer spanning 45 levels across 3 unique worlds. Features: final boss, high scores, original soundtrack and a jetpack!
Armed Ninja Game

Plays: 2681
Category: Action Games
Fight off ninja's in the almighty forest of tranquility, and desire, Make sure you are the last one standing so the forest isn't harmed by the evil ninjas minions, Tear through the ninja's wall of pain with your very own axe throwing skills and sword chucking abilities! Good luck!
Ninja Bike Stunts Game

Plays: 2645
Category: Driving Games
Fear can kill you, so hold your breath! Get ready for a thrilling adventure ride. Perform thrilling stunts on your bike with perfect balance and control your stunts till end of the ride. You got so many surprises to thrash your bike. Get ready for stunts!
INP: Episode Zero Game

Plays: 2634
Category: Action Games
Escape the invading aliens through the asteroids to safety on New Earth.
BloodShade Game

Plays: 2629
Category: Action Games
BloodShade must protect the gold of the local temple by firing at the intruders and hiding within the trees in this ultimate survival game.
TAOFEWA - Female Chibi Ninja Coloring Game (Maya Chibi) Game

Plays: 2620
Category: Customize Games
Color one of two female ninja chibi image versions and make your very own version. Color and enhance the chibi version of the TAOFEWA manga character Maya, - a female ninja using two sharp katana swords. Color the chibi anew or add your own magical layers with simple color upgrades like magical auras or deadly energies.
Snow fortress attack 2 Game

Plays: 2613
Category: Action Games
Have a snowball fight with your friends on Christmas Eve! Don't hit Santa!
Fall Ninja Game

Plays: 2610
Category: Action Games
Can you become a Fall Ninja? Dodge your way through 40 waves to find out!
Ninja vs Tank Game

Plays: 2606
Category: Action Games
The military has discovered the ninja hide out and bombed it destroying all the ninjas of the world except yourself... Being the last ninja take on the military defences single handedly through out our 99 level layout! Good luck!
Ninja Fury Game

Plays: 2598
Category: Action Games
Control the ninja to dodge missiles and collect loot.
Berathen Star Game

Plays: 2591
Category: Action Games
You're an awesome Star! Shooting through the sky! Everyone is jealous! Just check out them Ninja Stars. They be hatin' just to hate.
Indians vs Ninjas Game

Plays: 2585
Category: Action Games
The indians and ninjas have been having differences for yours in the ways of combat, You as an indian must prove that indians are just as good of fighters if not better than the ninjas, Good luck!
PandaRai Game

Plays: 2564
Category: Action Games
Pandas with swords! Take control of a sword and slash your way through endless levels of enemies.
Ninja Road of Naruto Game

Plays: 2561
Category: Adventure Games
The road of naruto is becoming more and more difficult. Follow naruto to challenge 100 layers upward!
The Silence Killer Game

Plays: 2552
Category: Action Games
Use your ninja and stealth skill to help The Silence Ninja eliminate his emery. Be careful, dont let the enemy see you at all cost or they will kill on sign.
Target Blitz Game

Plays: 2551
Category: Action Games
In Target Blitz you'll have to act quick and take out the target before they leave the screen. Shoot fast as more targets appear as time goes on. If 3 targets leave the screen its gameover!
Mini Ninja Coloring Game

Plays: 2541
Category: Action Games
color the cute mini ninja and print it out =)
ragdoll Ninja:Survival Game

Plays: 2539
Category: Action Games
"ragdoll ninja:survival" is a game to test the ability of a person by way of the ninja.
Zombie Zjooter - TAOFEWA Ninja Shooter Game

Plays: 2523
Category: Action Games
Kill the Zombies before they reach you in a crazy manga battle where your skills will be tested for sure. Control the TAOFEWA manga ninja girl Nina and use her Throwing Knives to slay the horde of zombies before they reach her. Be sure to keep your eyes on the sky as well, some of these undead creatures use parachutes!
Ragdoll Ninja Game

Plays: 2515
Category: Action Games
Cut ragdolls with a blade controlled via mouse. Gain extra points for slicing multiple ragdolls with one swipe. You must slice all ragdolls, if three ragdolls are missed, the game ends. Avoid bombs, the game also end once the player slice them.

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