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Online ninja Games
Go Go Garden Defense Game

Plays: 3792
Category: Puzzles Games
Defend your garden for creeping insects! Go Go Garden Defense puts you in charge of a tower-based pest control system. Will you squash them with bleedlings, splatter them with sling berries, or bombard them with chili bombers? The fate of the entire garden rests in your ability to recharge its life force and keep bugs out!
Ninja or Nun Game

Plays: 3789
Category: Action Games
Worshiping woman or fierce fighter? You have only seconds to decide.
Swordless Ninja Game

Plays: 3785
Category: Adventure Games
Little Ninja Mabushi lived happily with his girlfriend Miyuki, and nothing could stop the sun from shining when he was wearing his precious sword, which he only used to maintain peace...until a dark figure crawled out from the shadow. The evil Gorbazaki, who was jealous of Mabushi, stole his sword and kidnapped Miyuki when he was asleep! Mabushi is determined to get his girlfriend back, swordless style!
Housewife vs Zombies Game

Plays: 3732
Category: Action Games
The zombies are coming? But you're no ordinary citizen - armed with whatever slashing weapon you can find, slice and dice those zombie parts before the horde overrun town! Good luck.
Yan Loong Legend 3 : Double Swallow Game

Plays: 3707
Category: Action Games
This is the 2nd edition of Yan Loong Legend 3rd chapter, added new character Pink Swallow, she is good at stab skills,and has lively personality that is different from her sisiter Swallow. Every character now has a new super combo,brings to players complete new gaming experience! The resolution of game screen increased, wider fighting space becomes possible. Added equipment system,now players can collect equipment and build up their character's abbilities. Added new Enemies,new game stages, the classic stage water lily pond is back.
Capitalist Ninja Game

Plays: 3695
Category: Other Games
Who said the sword was mightier than a bag of cash? Take control of the hero of this humorous story, an up and coming ninja, and strive to become a ranking member of the Capitalist Ninja Society.
Final Ninja Zero Game

Plays: 3670
Category: Action Games
Super-charged prequel to the ninja swinging series.
Seesaw Ninjas Game

Plays: 3668
Category: Action Games
This is a game featuring two awesome ninjas. Throwing one of them into the air will increase your score. But it's not that easy as it sounds!
Trivia Warrior Game

Plays: 3659
Category: BoardGame Games
Play the best Trivia game ever, compare your score with your friends as you battle it out to see who is the best Trivia Warrior.
Midnight Ninja Leaping Game

Plays: 3653
Category: Action Games
Yumi is a ninja and she has been left with the task to find as many ninja stars as she can. Maybe you can help her as she leaps through the air to complete her quest. But look out for the bombs, and try not to fall!
Good and Evil Game

Plays: 3638
Category: Adventure Games
Take down hordes of evil ninjas with your ninja stars and amazing sword throwing skills! Watch out for oncoming ninja stars and swords as well!
Assassin SIGMA Chapter 1 Game

Plays: 3620
Category: Action Games
Assassin and the monster of doom: Chapter 1, fire Dragon
INP: Episode One Game

Plays: 3582
Category: Action Games
A new twist on a classic ship shooter.
Ninja Mushroom Game

Plays: 3556
Category: Action Games
Guide your super shroom through a mystical forest.
Pixel Ninja in Mario World Game

Plays: 3549
Category: Puzzles Games
The pixel ninja has hidden in Mario World. Can you find him?
Ninja Training Game

Plays: 3537
Category: Action Games
Your master sends you to his ultimate ninjutsu training, dodge the rocks and survive as long as you can!
Slice and Dice Game

Plays: 3524
Category: BoardGame Games
Slice your enemies, board game style!
Ninja Fighter Game

Plays: 3520
Category: Action Games
This is NOT a comic game, this is an excellent Ninja Fighter Game by thematrix2010.
Run Ninja Run Game

Plays: 3506
Category: Action Games
It’s time to run out of hostile territory. You will have to jump, slide and attack at the right time. Try to collect gold to upgrade your skills to jump higher, slide longer or increase your attacks. Your skills and speed will be tested to the max. Try to finish the game and good luck!
ninja game Game

Plays: 3490
Category: Fighting Games
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Tips: Explosion graphics animate until the end of their timeline and then disappear. A single frame explosion will disappear almost instantly and not look that great. Usually 20-40 frames for an explosion should work well.