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Online ninja Games
Ultimate Mierda Game

Plays: 4833
Category: Action Games
Old-skool shooter! The fools are the mathematicians. More awesome games at
Run Ninja Run 2 Game

Plays: 4818
Category: Action Games
Run Ninja Run again! That's right ... we've brought back this intense game of skill and reflexes. This time with 14 new mind bending levels, new skills new interactive objects to use, new obstacles to avoid and new stylish moves. Prepare yourself for an action ride and try to beat all levels.
Ninja Cubes Game

Plays: 4792
Category: Action Games
Test your ninja skills! Collect as many Ninja Cubes as you can in 60 seconds!
Nano Ninja Game

Plays: 4780
Category: Action Games
One Button Ninja.
Ninja Assay Game

Plays: 4730
Category: Adventure Games
You've trained your whole life to become a ninja, Today we assay you. Pass all the tests and become a Master!
Shuriken Escape 2 Game

Plays: 4725
Category: Action Games
This is the second chapter of your ninja training! Survive as long as possible from shurikens and explosive kunais! This time you have 3 invisibility jutsu to help you survive longer!
A Ninja Game Game

Plays: 4682
Category: BoardGame Games
Get the little ninjas home! Beware of traps and use Walls wisely. A thrilling and Brain-teasing puzzle experience!
Girigiri Run Game

Plays: 4663
Category: Action Games
Oni-Oni-Oninja brought you a first action casual game! Oni's girigiri has been took away by the bad samurai call Roroja and now Oni want to chase back his favorite Girigiri.
Wall Jumper Game

Plays: 4609
Category: Action Games
A game where you control a little ninja who jumps from walls to walls to escape his enemies and score as many points as possible.
Summoner Saga Endless Chap 2 Game

Plays: 4597
Category: Adventure Games
Second chapter of Summoner saga Endless. Sequel of Flash RPG battle game, Summoner Saga! Many new features added in SSE, include new story, new characters, dungeon system, free talk system, multiple guardian system, etc. Stronger enemies and boss will come from this chapter. Enjoy it.
Two Powers Game

Plays: 4593
Category: Strategy Games
There are two sides of power: the outer and the inner. Master both to conquer all Japan!
Ninja Turtles Hidden Stars Game

Plays: 4585
Category: Other Games
En este juego tienes la misión de encontrar todas las estrellas que están escondidas en las diferentes imagenes de las Tortugas Ninja. Encuentralas todas en el menor tiempo posible y avanza de nivel.
Cartoon Network Pucca 2 Game

Plays: 4540
Category: Action Games
Pucca the ninja most funny of all times is here , play this game is so great !
R2L : Christmas runner Game

Plays: 4512
Category: Action Games
Addictive christmas (run & avoid) game with upgrades system and simple controls.
Ninja Yin Yang Game

Plays: 4434
Category: Action Games
Restore the YIN-YANG balance and complete each level by placing the black ninja on the platform with the black sign and placing the white ninja on the platform with the white sign. Balance is restored and level completed only if both ninjas are on their platforms at the same time.
Giant Robot Ninja (from Outer Space) VS. Zombie Pirates Game

Plays: 4415
Category: Action Games
In "Giant Robot Ninja (from Outer Space) VS. Zombie Pirates" you play a Giant Robot Ninja from outer space in a battle against the evil hordes of Zombie Pirates who are trying to corrupt the entire universe!!!! Based on a true story.
Crazy Nydu Game

Plays: 4409
Category: Action Games
Keep your sword red if you want to servive in this game….
3 Foot Ninja Game

Plays: 4394
Category: Action Games
Help little ninja defeat enemies and collect all the scrolls to move to the next level.
Ninja Popcorn Game

Plays: 4383
Category: Action Games
Compete with friends in 4 game modes. Swipe your finger over hot kernals and pop them into popcorn! Swipe several at a time (and then release your finger!) to score combos. Swipe the Jalepenos and trigger bonus items like double points, chillin' and the ever so hot, Rush Mode!
Captain Latanica Game

Plays: 4364
Category: Action Games
You must fight against Captain Latanica armed with your ninja throwing stars! In this new Maple Story simulator, the fight extends to Captain Latanica and his possies, Selki Jr. and Mr. Anchor. They're not there just to get in your way though! You must use the skill Avenger to get rid of them or else they'll heal the boss! Once you have defeated Captain Latanica, use the trainer for cheats and the star changer to change your stars! To access these press 1 for the trainer and 2 for the star changer. Enjoy the game! :)

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Tips: For games that do not involve explosions when you destroy an opponent you can change the explosion graphic to a modified version of the opponent graphic. For example if you are shooting rabbits the explosion graphic can be a dead rabbit.