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Online ninja Games
Ninja Slider Game

Plays: 1432
Category: Puzzles Games
A fun sliding puzzle featuring a Ninja
Watch Out Game

Plays: 1429
Category: Action Games
Run around as digi ninja avoid the falling boulders and flee to safety before you get crushed.
Ninja vs Zombies 2 Game

Plays: 1418
Category: Action Games
Ninja vs Zombies 2 is unique action game combining the best aspects of platformer and fighter genre. You need to combine your acrobatics skills and mighty weapons to defeat hordes of zombies.
Stomp Game

Plays: 1416
Category: Action Games
You are the master of jumping and need to stop the evil puff monsters from taking over the world!
Small Ninja Game

Plays: 1412
Category: Action Games
Help the young ninja, he's has to go out of the dojo of are master
miniPassage Game

Plays: 1404
Category: Action Games
Use your epic ninja skills to pass through all three deadly passages as fast as possible! With three passages, only a combined score will put you in the miniPassage hall of fame. It takes speed, skill, and fast reactions to beat each level in as little time as possible. Dodge lava, avoid fireballs, fly over water and zoom up ladders to get to the end of each passage. Only the tombstones will tell the tale of your history.
Ninja vs Knight Game

Plays: 1392
Category: Action Games
You are an imagination in a childs mind, as a ninja, Defeat the evil warrior knight before you are killed by them first!
Armed Ninja Game

Plays: 1386
Category: Action Games
Fight off ninja's in the almighty forest of tranquility, and desire, Make sure you are the last one standing so the forest isn't harmed by the evil ninjas minions, Tear through the ninja's wall of pain with your very own axe throwing skills and sword chucking abilities! Good luck!
NinjaBall Game

Plays: 1380
Category: Action Games
Nice game about ninja ball! Autogenerated levels Sweet art easy gameplay
Ninja Land Game

Plays: 1380
Category: Action Games
Our hero and his lovely princess lived happily in their castle, until one day vicious ninjas kidnapped her! Join a miraculous journey to save her from her kidnappers!
Greater or Less Ninja training Game

Plays: 1373
Category: Education Games
Mystical ninja mental training
Death Ninja Game

Plays: 1367
Category: Action Games
The ninja is chased by the archers, he need to kill them all
Indians vs Ninjas Game

Plays: 1363
Category: Action Games
The indians and ninjas have been having differences for yours in the ways of combat, You as an indian must prove that indians are just as good of fighters if not better than the ninjas, Good luck!
Shizukana Ninja Game

Plays: 1355
Category: Action Games
Press X to jump and C to shoot. Pressing C with a direction simultaneously will direct the shot. Additional design by Daniel Cook (
Golden Ninja Game

Plays: 1345
Category: Strategy Games
It's a funny, easy strategy game, all operations can be done by single mouse click. The content is about the war between several ninja clans, little ninja troops running through from time to time, screaming to occupy the castle of oppsite side. It includes 4 kind of buildings, 1 castle; 2 camp; 3 portal; 4 cannon. It also have 4 kind of spell, 1 brambles 2 tornado 3 fire ball 4 earth shaking, those 4 spells could help you pass the level. As long as you take over all the buildings and wipe out all the enemies, you win. By the way, when you saw the yellow flag wave over the buildings, it means to be on your side, the red one is enemies, don's miss it.
Ninja Gaiden Undead Game

Plays: 1339
Category: Action Games
The young ninja comes back with unlimited life this time. Let's help him save his father from the robbers!
Ninja vs Tank Game

Plays: 1324
Category: Action Games
The military has discovered the ninja hide out and bombed it destroying all the ninjas of the world except yourself... Being the last ninja take on the military defences single handedly through out our 99 level layout! Good luck!
Fupa Fighters Game

Plays: 1318
Category: Adventure Games
You are a fupa ninja and must take on the fupa military and rescue as many mini fupas as possible before the time runs out, Good luck!
Ninja Challenge Game

Plays: 1298
Category: Dress-Up Games
Play Ninja Challenge Dress Up Game.
Ninja Turtles Hidden Numbers Game

Plays: 1254
Category: Puzzles Games
The Ninja Turtles are here and now with numbers hidden with in 3 different images. Can you find out all the numbers before the time runs out?

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