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Online ninja Games
Angry Ninja Game

Plays: 4346
Category: Action Games
The mighty ninja is going to fly in the sky this time to crush the enemy line, but it is not going to be easy. The enemy ninja built up a strong defense line against this attack. Help the ninja to aim at the weakest spot of the enemy line and break it apart.
Ninja or Nun 3 Game

Plays: 4338
Category: Action Games
Ninjas and their deadly Boss are acting dangerously and shooting at you endlessly. Fight back!
Shinobi Escape Game

Plays: 4247
Category: Adventure Games
Shinobi Escape is a new point and click type escape game from You’re a shinobi in training who has overcome many great challenges. But before you become a true shinobi, you must pass one final trial – the escape. Your sensei has trapped you inside a sacred training room and your mission is to escape in one piece. This is your final trial, escape or die trying.
Ninja Robot 2 Game

Plays: 4213
Category: Action Games
Ninja Robot 2 Challenged Skill is a new ultimate robot ninja game! Play 14 amazing levels full of action. Control the ninja robot with the arrow keys and collect all special things like stars etc. Unlock the doors by the handles, reach to the end of the level to proceed to the next level. There is a timer so be quick! This action packed game has 14 great levels of fun. At the end of each level you will get a secret code, so next time you can start the level where you left. Bar HP = indicates HP of ninja if you hit the fire, laser or enemy. If it is empty the Ninja will crash and you will loose a life. Bar MP = Shows MP ninja, it will be reduced when moving the ninja. If you do nothing it will increase. If it is empty you will crash and loose a life.
Ninjas vs Mafia Deluxe Game

Plays: 4173
Category: Adventure Games
The Crazy 44 ninja clan is taking over Pop Rox City! It's up to you to take them down. Assemble your team, and turn to the shifty mafia for help. Head into battle in this off the wall RPG! The Deluxe version of the game introduces 50% more content than the original. It also fixes some bugs and gameplay balancing.
Samurai vs. Ninjas Game

Plays: 4158
Category: Action Games
Fend off relentless ninjas and defend your honor, in this arcade action game.
ninja training Game

Plays: 4154
Category: Action Games
Use the arrow keys to dodge all of the shurikens. At the same time collect as many secret scrolls as you can. You will have three chances to make it to the end. Good luck young ninja.
Summoner Saga Endless Chap 1 Game

Plays: 4122
Category: Action Games
First chapter of Summoner saga Endless. Sequel of Flash RPG battle game, Summoner Saga! Many new features added in SSE, include new story, new characters, dungeon system, free talk system, multiple guardian system, etc. Enjoy it.
Guitar Ninja Game

Plays: 4109
Category: Action Games
A pacman style game with a ninja that must defeat the music demons! Real guitar musics and cartoon-stylish graphics on this maze game!
Running Blind Game

Plays: 4089
Category: Action Games
Ever tried running with your eyes closed? Ever tried jumping on platforms with your eyes closed? Ever tried running and jumping on platforms with your eyes closed? Try it now...
Metro Ninja Dressup Game

Plays: 4028
Category: Customize Games
To most of you, ninja is just about violence, selfcontrol and martial perfection... now you've got a chance to find out more about ninjas and their free time. Drag and drop to try on clothes, shoes and other things in this room, see for yourself that ninja is much more then just black suit!
Ninja Kot Game

Plays: 3967
Category: Action Games
Fight endless waves of zombies on this feline ninja game. Level up your character and upgrade weapons/skills. How long can you survive?
Kunoichi dress up game Game

Plays: 3964
Category: Dress-Up Games
dress up the ninja girl and create your own kunoichi

Plays: 3945
Category: Action Games
Little ninja assassin fight to save his ninja village!
Ninja Bricks Game

Plays: 3910
Category: Action Games
Test your reflexes and awareness in this funny, parody game.
Flash Empires 2: Christmas Invasion Game

Plays: 3898
Category: Shooting Games
Flash Empires is back and better then ever. Defend Santa's workshop by using your army of elves to stop Santa's evil brother's minions! I tried to use everyones suggestions to make this one better, so I hope you enjoy! Alot of hours went into this :)
Ninja Furenji Game

Plays: 3869
Category: Action Games
Ninja Furenji is a game about lost honour, your inner kangaroo and mass murder. As a ninja who has lost his honour, the only thing you can do is track down the 5 ninjas who have caused you this terrible fate and kill everyone in their city!
Nin! Game

Plays: 3837
Category: Action Games
Play as the young Hattori Hanzo to travel in the sengoku era as a ninja
Sakura Game

Plays: 3815
Category: Adventure Games
Online game in Japanese style. Even the characters are drawn! Target toys: kill monsters, out of the way, to gather as much gold bullion and defeat the terrible scorpion in the role as boss of the game.
3 Foot Ninja II Game

Plays: 3815
Category: Action Games
Take an amazing journey in a far away place. Fight the evil enemies and return the Princess to the King of the southern lands.

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Tips: For a scope shot game you can go to Gameplay and enable Ghost to remove player/enemy collisions. Use invincible if you don't want enemy fire to hit your scope either.