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Online ninja Games
bieber ninja Game

Plays: 2514
Category: Action Games
Ninja hates Bieber, so guide your mouse to slice him. But be wary of Chuck!
Ninja Run Game

Plays: 2510
Category: Action Games
An addicting High-Score game ,help the ninja Attack or avoid his enemies , Get Super Attacks and Much more in this fun game.
3D Flash Ninja Game

Plays: 2508
Category: Action Games
Throw shurikens, leg sweeps, jump slash and more in this 3d ninja fighting flash game.
Chubby Ninja Game

Plays: 2484
Category: Action Games
Jump and fight through the Cave of Trials to become a Ninja Master!
Manala Game

Plays: 2461
Category: Action Games
Manala (finnish for "underworld") is a game about defense, timing and reflexes. You play as a ninja who gains various abilities during the game, ranging from fireballs to healing abilities. During the game you will face various waves of monsters that you must defeat, while you'll also get to fight off the big and bad Bosses. Will you defeat them all, or will you die trying?
My Princess - Dark Village Game

Plays: 2457
Category: Adventure Games
Occus King has offer Bobs to rescue the princes from Blood Devil. but Bobs still not good on fight, so the King offer to Bobs to pass Dark Village at first. by kill all enemy there. then Bobs fight skill will be increasing. After Bobs has passed all section. Blood Devil was know if Bobs growing strong, so Blood Devil leaving Dark Village with the princess Dinz and hide to another secret place. When you finishing this games don't forget to wait for next version. Enjoy ^^
Rucky Cat Barance Ninja! Game

Plays: 2433
Category: Action Games
A funny, frenetic game in which you guide Takeshi, a ninja warrior, on his quest to catch cats on his head. The higher the stack of cats gets, the more points you will earn. Watch out for the bombs!
NekoSaga Game

Plays: 2432
Category: Adventure Games
Go against Dogma and his army of animal ninjas across vast worlds. Customize your samurai and put together the strongest combo.
Ninja Cat Episode 1: The Mysterious Thief Game

Plays: 2400
Category: Action Games
Ninja Cat Episode 1 is the first episode in a series of witty action games. Fend off enemies and defeat bosses as you fight to reclaim your stolen prize. Ninja Cat's reflexes sees danger in slow motion. Mouse only! Use your mouse both to control Ninja Cat's movements and to throw ninja stars.
Whackemon Game

Plays: 2395
Category: Action Games
Whackemon is a recreation of one of the best sub-game's in Mystical Ninja on the SNES. The idea of the game is to whack the critters that pop up before they disappear. There are 3 game modes, Timed Attack, Persecution and Whackathon, details are given in the game.
Slicer Game

Plays: 2363
Category: Shooting Games
Slicer is an fruit slicing ninja type game with a time limit that challenges the concentration levels of the player. Player is supposed to slice the fruit and avoid touching the halloween fruit. Slice maximum number of fruits in 60 seconds. Re playing game the game starts with doubling speed of fruits and scores.
Ninja Plus Game

Plays: 2358
Category: Action Games
Use your Ninja Rope and Kunai's to collect coins as quickly as possible. Build your own levels, as well as save and rate levels created by players around the world, and compete for the fastest times on any level!
Fupa Fighters Game

Plays: 2353
Category: Adventure Games
You are a fupa ninja and must take on the fupa military and rescue as many mini fupas as possible before the time runs out, Good luck!
TAOFEWA - Chibi Coloring Game (Peony Chibi) Game

Plays: 2352
Category: Customize Games
Color a chibi version of the female ninja character Peony from the TAOFEWA manga universe. Select the colored version to change or the black and white version to color from blank. You can select several colors and color densities and add new colors or just magical aura like layers to the coloring sheet.
Hunt Penguins 2 Game

Plays: 2347
Category: Shooting Games
New, exclusive version of the "Hunt Penguins" game. Ninja style penguins are so crafty to run out in groups.Quickly take up your hunting rifle to shoot them down!
Like a Ninja Game

Plays: 2313
Category: Dress-Up Games
This ninja assassin lost her mark. But she's taking her time exploring this new continent, memorizing dark corners and secret locations where she'll be able to surprise him with a shuriken to the skull or a dagger in the back. Dress her in colorful ninja garb or shroud her body in darkness, so only the light of her eyes are visible!
StrafeNinja Game

Plays: 2298
Category: Action Games
Test your ninja reflexes dodging shurikens on a rooftop in the rain! The shurikens get faster, so stay sharp!
Impossible Ninja II Game

Plays: 2296
Category: Action Games
Sequel to the popular game Impossible Ninja, Impossible Ninja II provides more weapons and more upgrades.
Ninja Turtle Game

Plays: 2294
Category: Action Games
Help the ninja turtle eliminate all the enemies to pass the levels. There are many skill for you to choose. Good luck!
Fat Ninja Avenge Game

Plays: 2294
Category: Action Games
In this game you are a ninja who assign a mission by your master to return the secret scroll from the evil ninja.

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