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Online ninja Games
Ninja Roll 2 Game

Plays: 13386
Category: Puzzles Games
Create and design ledges, slopes, and pathways for the ninja in a bubble to successfully collect all the stars
Ninjas vs. Pirates Tower Defense Game

Plays: 13366
Category: Strategy Games
Build ninja towers to fend off the invading pirates
Shuriken Game

Plays: 13154
Category: Fighting Games
Dreaded Koga Ninja are attacking your village using extreme violence! Can you defend the villagers and hold them back in this superb Ninja game?
Yan Loong Legend 2 : 2nd Impact Game

Plays: 12873
Category: Action Games
The 3rd Game of Yan Loong Legend series, added new feature that enable player assign stat points after level up, added new character enable player to select, added new special moves, added new stages.
Sticky Ninja Academy Game

Plays: 12656
Category: Action Games
Beat 30 levels in this unique physics / platform game.
Bike Ninja Game

Plays: 12637
Category: Adventure Games
In this game you have to drive your bike on a jick jack path with low visibility condition. Complete all five levels as fast as possible to get maximum points.
Zool Game

Plays: 12559
Category: Action Games
Zool is a "Ninja Of The "Nth" Dimension" who is forced to land on Earth. In order to gain ninja ranking he has to pass six lands.
NinjaPiRo Game

Plays: 12288
Category: Adventure Games
Be a Ninja, a Pirate and a Robot in this cool point and click adventure! A rare and valuable diamond has been stolen. This is a job for Ninja-Pi-Ro!
Yan Loong Legend 2 : Enhanced Game

Plays: 10810
Category: Action Games
The enhanced version of "Yan Loong Legend 2 : 3rd Impact", in this version player can execute combos very easily with just hit Attack key continuously. When character has learned new skills, the combos will be adjusted. After Normal 4 attacks or dash attack hitted enemy you can continue pressing Attack key then the character can auto perform special moves that makes more Hits number.
Ninja Attack Game

Plays: 10673
Category: Fighting Games
Ninja Attack! Fight your way through swarms of zombies, how long can you last?
Anime Smash Duo Game

Plays: 10664
Category: Action Games
What happens when you create female versions of your favorite anime characters? Fight with two magic ninja characters. Use extreme combos and supers to fight.
Bowja the Ninja 2 (Inside Bigman's Compound) Game

Plays: 10572
Category: Puzzles Games
Bowja the Ninja is back! This time he's on a mission to seize the evil plans of Abura (a.k.a. BIGMAN). Can you help Bowja as he travels deep into Bigman's compound in this point and click adventure game.
Ninja Painter 2 Game

Plays: 9604
Category: Action Games
Ninjas have never been…painting! Prepare for a fast-paced colourful adventure! Ninja Painter 2 is an arcade puzzle game with addicting gameplay. Paint the walls through 36 levels in 6 different locations and try to get all the achievements!
NinjaRush Game

Plays: 9472
Category: Action Games
This is an casual game where you need to block the ninja starz and try to get an higher score everytime you play!
Ninja Game

Plays: 9338
Category: Puzzles Games
Help young Ninja to find a way out of a temple. Logic game consist of 13 levels. The Kinovy clan had fled their temple after it was overrun by the Samurai back from the land of the dead. However in the flight for their lives, they left behind small young ninja lost in the large Kinovy temple. Young Ninja, son of the Sansei should find a way out of a temple to catch up with the clan. Ninja has to navigate his way through the rooms of the temple. But our hero has two advantages over the Samurai. First of all, they aren't as smart as he is and secondly he knows the various secret traps built into the temple.
Swordless Ninja Game

Plays: 8967
Category: Action Games
Little Ninja Mabushi lived happily with his girlfriend Miyuki, and nothing could stop the sun from shining when he was wearing his precious sword, which he only used to maintain peace...until a dark figure crawled out from the shadow.
Z-ball Game

Plays: 8699
Category: Action Games
Guide the Bouncing Ball through a series of challenging levels before the ball runs out of momentum.
Pirates vs. Ninjas - Vendo Island Game

Plays: 8315
Category: Action Games
You're the pirate - can you outwit the ninja? Get as many items as you can from the vendo machine on the island, but don't let the swimming ninja stop you! The game starts off a bit slowly, but becomes exciting once the ninja speeds things up!
Ninja Reflex Game

Plays: 8075
Category: Action Games
Do you have the Ninja Reflex? Well this game will test whether you have this super natural ability. The aim of this trial is to test your reflexes by having a ninja shoot an arrow at you. As soon as the ninja releases the bow click the mouse button. If you are fast enough you might just catch the arrow! See how many arrows you can catch as the ninja gets closer and closer.
Ninjufo Game

Plays: 7989
Category: Action Games
Infiltrate a heavily guarded enemy warehouse and collect 50 crates full of top secret info.

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Tips: For games that do not involve explosions when you destroy an opponent you can change the explosion graphic to a modified version of the opponent graphic. For example if you are shooting rabbits the explosion graphic can be a dead rabbit.